Peace Week and Call for Peace Fiction (again)

We just passed the peace week. I wanted to write on peace again thinking of the idea of imagining peace first with the hope that it will become a reality albeit limited. Better some than none.

Photo by <a href=”">Candice Seplow</a> on <a href=”">Unsplash</a>

I would like to imagine a human relations where everyone is supporting the other to show and manifest their best self. Think of a working space, where your colleagues celebrate your every little success because they believe this is the meaning of life: to become the person we all are destined to be in the best possible way. Imagine a university where all are excited to read your next piece and contribution. Imagine a big company that prioritises bringing the best in the employees. Imagine all conversations aim to make you more present and more brilliant.

A workspace and friendship where the smile on your face and your contribution to humanity via your work is celebrated at the institutional level with genuine interest in growing as human. Imagine, people with different characters know their limits and boundaries and respect the differences as a richness. They try to learn from different characters rather than gossiping or being threatened by the difference or the success in different aspects of the work environment, family relations, or characteristics.

Do you think it is possible?

What do you think of peace? What is peace to you?

What happens if we aim to become more and more human and humane in our public and private lives and try to learn from the mistakes and failure? This is how the CV for the failure feeds success in academic life. What if we can espouse this perspective and share it as a life philosophy? What if we really knew that none of the people are the same, and even though we compete for one position, or fight to be the next CEO or the leader, we increase our awareness on that each and every human is unique and they come with a set of their personal perspectives, experiences, and potential for growth and support the growth and compete for it rather than positions, labels, or status?

Can you imagine with me?

Can you extend this dream and add words from your soul to the peace fiction and throw it to the universe in words?

Will you dream about peace with eyes wide open, learning to use the carnal desires inside to fuel such a growth atmosphere, and share your wisdom with us?



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sumeyye kocaman

sumeyye kocaman

Hope will prevail! An ardent believer in making democracy work or fail better, to that end, historian, writer, poet, and DPhil @St Catz, Oxford Uni